Saturday, March 28, 2015


     I am sitting at school on a Saturday afternoon waiting for the next performance of our musical. Since I'm the music director, most of my work is done by now and I just get to wait for the performance but outside my room there is crazy dashing around while students put on costumes, makeup and they begin to warm up. We had our 1st show last night. There were a few minor mistakes but, all in all, things were good.
      I have really enjoyed working with this cast. Many of the 8th graders in here have been performing in the program for a few years, but there are some who are doing a show for the 1st time. It is also our drama director's last show, so that's kind of special too. My own children are coming this afternoon, which is cool because I think they think of some of my students as an extension of our family- however odd that sounds. It's really interesting to watch my influence on my students transfer to their influence on my own children.
     Okay, off to do some last minute prep. Have a great day!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

David's 7

Just a quick hello. David turned 7 on Friday. He's such a sweet little boy. I was at my conference so I planned to take him out to lunch for a "Mommy date" today. Think he had fun?  His birthday party is Thursday. He's up for a big week.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

February stats.. a little late

I'm a little late but I promised that I'd write my February stats for my 366 project. In February (Lettermo month!) I sent:

18 cards
28 postcards
11 letters
1 small package

I received:
6 postcards
7 letters
4 cards

   In other news, life is extremely busy. I am proud for putting a little time to write to people but I have not had any time for any art stuff. Professionally, the big event this week is the Massachusetts Music Educator's Association conference and the MMEA All-State Treble Choir concerts. I have been working my tail off to prepare my classes for me being absent 2 days in a row! (Gasp!!) I have been preparing my students to sing and making sure they're also working hard. In addition, I have been preparing for the musical next week and for the District festival a few weeks after that. It's all rewarding work but I'm exhausted. I cannot wait for the day that I don't have to eat my lunch in 5 minutes so I can work through the rest of it. I really don't mind but I could really use time that I can shut my brain off. 
     In my personal life, David's birthday is Friday. He'll be 7. He's such a sweet, kind kid. I'll be at the conference for most of the day so it will be kind of horrible, but I will make sure we have some special time this weekend. He's been counting down for a while. We're having his birthday party with his friends next week. 

Current project numbers:
The 366 Project:
Sent: 109 (33 ahead of schedule!) 
Received: 55 (still a little behind schedule but happy with this)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

5 minute catch-up

Another 5 minutes and I can add the rest of the mail.. except for the awesome stamps from Ashley, which I just realized I still have to photograph. Here are the other things received between 2/28 and 3/14:
 Postcard from Australia
Owls from Russia!
 Philippines. I love the cute kids

 Card from a new pal in Mi.
 Letter from Cathy- a Lettermo pal
 Card from Lynn- Also from Lettermo

Letter from Belinda with lots of paper treats, including a cute notebook her daughter made for me!

10 minute update- literally

   So, some of my blogging friends have wondered if I've dropped off the face of the earth. March is a super busy month for me. So, why haven't I been writing a lot in Feb or March- in preparation for all the stuff that has to be done. I carved out literally 10 minutes of this afternoon so that I could add some of my cool mail here. If I miraculously end up with more time tonight, which I doubt, I will update my 366 stuff. I just wanted to let you know:
1) I'm alive
2) I miss checking in
3) Thanks for the awesome mail
4) I'm still writing letters/cards so if you're expecting a reply, it should be coming
5) I will emerge again from my season of insanity on April 11.. or 12th depending on if I accept an invitation for the 11th. lol

Here's some of the recent mail:
 Card from a new pal. This is the first mail from her and I look forward to responding!
 Huh? What is this? A package from Peru? Who in the world do I know from Peru? Nobody. Ok, so I rip the parcel open and remember a "mystery envelope" round robin I signed up for. This one wasn't the best loot. I added some postcards and sent it on to Lithuania. Here's what was inside.
 Cool pin
 Self-adhesive bra. This is a first for me.
 Ear ring
 Matroyoshka keychain
 washi tape
 Is it weird that these finger puppets from Peru were my favorite things?
 Toys- like the stuff you'd get in a Happy Meal
 Cell phone charm
 Next mail:

 Also from a new pal. Isn't it beautiful!?
 Huh? ANOTHER surprise package? YES!!! It came on a great day too. This was from my friend Ashley and she sent me some awesome music stamps. I'll take a picture and post those later. I might try some gelli plate creativity with them!
Speaking of Ashley- this is today's mail. (AH!!! I'm past my 10 minutes. At the risk of being late for something else...I'm finishing. Have I ever mentioned that I hate being late... or when people are late?) Here's some more Happy mail from Ashley:

 That dress is made of fabric. Your creativity always amazes me

 Postcrossing card from Singapore. I'm being recruited into the Navy. Cool dragonfly stamp. It shimmers with different angles like real dragonfly wings.
 Il Duomo in Italy.  Beautiful.
 Venice. I've sung at St. Mark's Cathedral. I'm so glad it wasn't flooded when I was there. It was rainy and it smelled gross in Venice I have very strong memories from the day I was there. It was so cool for me to get this card!

Postcrossing card from China. I like the women dancing and the jellyfish stamp.

Ok... 17 minutes until a meeting a mile and a half away. I hope everybody is great. I just realized I have 6!!!! more things I haven't photographed yet. I'll try to do it later tonight. They are also really cool for me. Phew... 15 minutes. I will survive this month.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Great mail day!

    As Lettermo comes to an end, I am mostly happy with how I did. I definitely slowed down towards the end but I will try to send a few pieces of mail out tonight. I have been a little tired (Okay, a lot tired) with pushing myself at work. Again, I love what I do but prepping my courses, preparing kids for music festivals, rehearsing the musical, working with groups of  up to 90 and adjusting to each individual students and how they learn is just plain exhausting- especially because I have integrity and honestly try to do the best job that I can. Today, when I peeked into my mailbox I was greeted by our weekly supermarket fliers. I thought that was it but when I pulled it out a  pile of personal mail fell out (and only 1 bill!!!).  Check it out:

    Received this card from Suey in Ut. She put out a "who wants a letter for Lettermo" request on her blog so this is the first time I have "met" her. I am excited to write back!
    I was so excited to get this postcard from Jarielyn in NV. I had seen this card on her blog and secretly wanted one :) She took this photograph. Isn't it beautiful? Perfect for a music teaching snail mailer.
The first thing I saw with this envelope was the wax seal with the A. Yeah, mail from Ashley, I thought. Nope, a card from Ryan Avery who is a speaker and author. I follow his blog and have won a giveaway of one of his books. He just wrote to say thanks for reading his blog. I love people who are genuine and gracious.
WHAT!? Two wax seals in one day? This one is from AC in PA. I loved the sparkly card. Yes, AC I am buried under all that snow in Boston. Check out a few posts back and you'll see some pictures. Barely any of it has melted. They are finally pushing the snow a little further back from the road but it's still crazy. I watched a 6th grade student of mine trying to walk home from school and in the time it had taken me to turn a corner, drive a block, turn again and drive to the end of that block, he had taken about 6 steps. The rest of the time was spent hopping up and down from a snowbank to let the cars pass in 2 lane traffic.

     I have not gotten any mail written and sent today or yesterday though I did write 4 thank you/good job cards to students of mine. Those were hand-delivered.  (3 kids helped me a ton in a rehearsal, highest scorer in a math meet overall, highest scoring girl in the math meet, winner of the spelling bee. My kids are all so talented. I love seeing their strengths outside my class too)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

More outgoing mail

As February school vacation finished up, I will frantically try to get a few more letters done before becoming buried in music festivals, homework, projects, prep work and life in general. The top envelope I received in an envelope swap. It is on it's way to Georgia to a Lettermo friend. The bottom envelopes are for 2 friends who need some encouragement and a birthday card for my mom. (That's the really colorful one. She's going to think I'm weird since she is "not into" the whole mail thing.. lol) I'm usually horrible about birthday cards so I'm glad that I am getting this out.  Hopefully each letter or card will brighten the day of the people who get them.